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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

ROHM Semiconductor’s Multi-Sensor Shield Giveaway

Giveaway ends in 15 days, 16 hours, 15 minutes and 10 seconds!


AAC is giving away 3 ROHM Semiconductor's Multi-Sensor Shield Kits in our July Giveaway to 3 lucky winners. See below for details and rules!
Sensor Shield Quick Start Guide
The SENSORSHLD1-EVK-101 is a shield evaluation platform that integrates multiple ROHM sensor products on a single board. The shield uses standard Arduino shield interface pins, making it possible to connect to any evaluation kit with a shield interface header. The following sensors are included.

Core sensors included in the Sensor Shield

Analog Temperature Sensor (BDE0600G) ROHM
• Features a wide temperature range with excellent linearity
Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor (BM1383GLV) ROHM
• Delivers superior accuracy and temperature characteristics
Hall Switch Sensor (Omnipolar with Polarity Discrimination)

• Enables waterproof/dustproof panel open/close detection
Geomagnetic Sensor (BM1422GMV) ROHM
• High accuracy design ideal for precision eCompass applications
Digital Color Sensors (BH1745) ROHM
• Capable of high accuracy detection under a variety of light sources
Optical Proximity Sensors and Ambient Light Sensors (RPR-0521)ROHM
• Low power consumption; improves screen visibility
Analog UV Sensor (ML8511) LAPIS
• Optimized for UV monitoring
Digital Accelerometer (KX122-1037/KX122-1048) Kionix
• Provides high performance in an ultra-compact form factor
Digital Magnetometer and Accelerometer (KMX62) Kionix
• Ultra-low-power 6-axis sensor with user-selectable ODR
Digital Gyroscope and Accelerometer (KXG03) Kionix
• Compact combo sensor strikes an ideal balance between current consumption and noise performance with excellent bias stability over temperature

Additional Functions

Digital Microphone
(Knowles SPM0423HD4H-WB)
• Footprint and connection specifically operable with the NXP MCU Lineup (LPCExpresso)
• Miniature, high performance, low power, top port silicon digital microphone with a single bit PDM output
(Kionix KX122-1037, KX122-1048)
• Allows for four corner Accelerometer algorithm development
• Applications include individual sensor tap detection or smart card password interfacing
• All 4 Accelerometers are controllable using a single I2C bus connection
• Provides high performance in an ultra-compact form factor that allows for four corner Accelerometer algorithm development

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