Over head transmission lines (OHTL)

A transmission line is the material meduim or structure that forms 
all or part of a path from one place to another for directing the 
transmission of energy, such as electromagnetic wave or acoustic 
waves. Example of transmission lines is wires.
     There are different types of over head conductors. The choice depends on the application. The following shows some of over head conductors types: 
Bare soft and hard drawn stranded
Soft drawn type is used for grounding electrical systems, while 
hard drawn type is used in over head distribution networks. 

All aluminium conductors
    Used for aerial distribute  lines have relatively short spans, aerial feeders and bus bars of substations.   

All aluminium alloy conductors
      Used for transmission and distribution networks, having relatively long spans. 

Aluminium conductor steel reinforced
     Used for power transmission over long distances 
  Conductors Comparison Between Different Types of Aluminum
(for 185 mm2 Conductor as an example)

Tensile (KN)
Weight (Kg/Km)

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