Advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant general layout


Advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant 0 1 2 fuel operating area. Concrete shielding plant 3. Steel safety shell 4. Passive containment cooling water tank 5. Passive containment cooling air baffle 6 passive containment cooling air to the population 7 Preparation gate (2) 8. pedestrian airlock (2) 9. core supply tank (2) 10. steam generator (2) 11. reactor coolant pump (4) 12. integrated cover 13. reactor pressure vessel 14. regulator 15. pressure relief valve position 16. passive residual heat removal heat exchanger 17. refueling water storage tank 18. technical Support Center 19 main control Room 20. comprehensive protection cabinet 21 high pressure feedwater heaters 22. feed pump 23. deaerator 24. low pressure feed water heater 25. Turbine

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