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16 Mar 2017

Infineon Technologies IR3883 DC-DC POL Converter | New Product Brief

This New Product Brief (NPB) is part of a video series highlighting the features, applications, and technical specs of newly-released products.

Infineon IR3883 DC-DC POL Converter

Infineon’s IR3883 is an easy-to-implement 3 A integrated POL (point of load) converter for servers, storage, and communications infrastructure. The IR3883's layout simplifies routing and uses an Enhanced Stability engine, which eliminates the need for external compensation and is stable using only ceramic capacitors.
The regulator integrates ripple emulation and has internally set soft start, current limit, and frequency, in addition to the integrated PWM controller and MOSFETs, further reducing component count and total solution footprint.
The device is designed to be highly efficient, using diode emulation mode for light loads, but it can be forced to continuous conduction mode for lower ripple. For use in standby power supplies or other extremely light loads, the IR3883 can be set to a low quiescent current mode to maximize efficiency.
  • Input Voltage Range:
    • With external VCC: 2.5 V to 14 V
    • Single Input: 4.5 V to 14 V
  • Load current: 3 A continuous
  • User selectable, thermally compensated OCP (three levels)
  • Package: 3 x 3 mm QFN

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