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Friday, 19 February 2016

Curtis 1268 Electronic Motor Controller.


Curtis 1268 controllers are separately excited motor speed controllers designed for use in a variety of transport vehicles. These programmable controllers are simple to install, efficient, and cost effective. Typical applications include heavy-duty golf carts, personnel transports, burden carriers, and other utility vehicles.
The 1268 controller offers smooth, silent, cost effective control of motor speed and torque. The speed sensor input allows superior closed-loop control for regulating vehicle speed. Unique braking parameters allow simple, intuitive deceleration tuning. 

A full-bridge field winding control stage is combined with
a half-bridge armature power stage to provide solid state motor reversing and regenerative braking power without additional relays or contactors.

These controllers are fully programmable by means of the optional 1311 handheld programmer or 1314 PC programming station. Use of a programmer provides diagnostic and test capability as well as configuration flexibility and the ability to easily transfer settings from one controller to another.

Like all Curtis motor controllers, the 1268 offers superior operator control of
the vehicle’s motor drive speed. Features include:
✓ Regenerative braking, providing longer operation on a single
battery charge and reducing motor brush wear and motor
✓ Adjustable brake rates, for smooth pedal-release braking
✓ Two user-selectable vehicle operating personalities, with
vehicle top speed controlled and limited in each mode
✓ Motor parameters are programmable to match the
characteristics of the specific motor being used
✓ Vehicle speed control is enhanced through feedback from a
Hall effect speed sensor
✓ Anti-rollback function, providing improved control when
throttle is released on hills
✓ Anti-stall function helps prevent motor commutator damage
✓ High pedal disable (HPD) and static return to off (SRO)
interlocks prevent vehicle runaway at startup
✓ WalkAway™ braking feature limits any stopped or key-off
rolling to a very low speed
✓ Auxiliary driver can be programmed for either an
electromagnetic (EM) brake or a WalkAway™ relay
✓ Coil driver provides adjustable pull-in and holding voltages
to WalkAway™ relay or EM brake
✓ Driver for brake lamp relay can be used to power external
lights during braking
✓ Reverse signal driver provides a low signal any time the
vehicle is traveling in reverse
Curtis 1268 Manual, Rev. A 3
✓ Driver outputs are short circuit protected and provide built-in
coil spike protection
✓ Warning buzzer sounds steady in reverse, intermittent during
WalkAway™ braking
✓ Complete diagnostics through any of the optional
programmers and through the built-in Status LED
✓ Driver for remote Status LED enables status information to
be available at a dashboard
✓ Sealed package is rated at IP64 and IP67.
✓ Meets or exceeds EEC fault detect requirements
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