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Friday, 26 May 2017

DIY Front Surface Mirror

       I see there is a lot of laser enthusiasts on this site (including myself), so
I decided to share some of my experience of making front surface mirror.

Original idea belongs to

I used acrylic mirror for my design.
It's not the best solution but it's very easy and safe to work with and quality of mirror would be acceptable for most laser/optic applications.

So if you are interested, check out my materials:

Here's my another, more advanced, method of making FS mirrors using 

This safe and reliable method works with any acrylic or glass mirror.

Step 1: 1.

Procedure is simple.

Put on safety glasses and gloves.
Cut piece you need.

Step 2: 2.

Shape it.

Step 3: Remove Protective Paint From Back Side of Mirror

Remove Protective Paint From Back Side of Mirror

At first use paint remover. I think any kind will work well.
Just one thing to remember. It will dissolve acrylic, so work fast and carefully.
You can use masking tape to protect plastic from contact with paint remover.

Check back side of mirror for scratches, dents, etc...
If reflective coating is damaged from back side, paint remover will go to plastic base and pop mirror foil up.

Next, use acetone to wipe off remains of paint remover and finish cleaning.

Reflective coating is very thin, so handle it accordingly.


Since I've discovered Winning Colors Stain Remover I stopped using any other chemicals.
It's non toxic, environment friendly, water based liquid which will not harm acrylic and your skin.

Now procedure is even easier:
1. Pour Winning Colors Stain  Remover into proper container.
2. Drop mirror into container. Painted side up.
3. Let it soak for 30 min or more (time may depend on back paint and size of mirror).
4. If paint got loose and started peeling off, remove mirror and put into container filled with tap water or rinse it under water stream. You may use cotton balls and gently swab mirror while it immersed. Optional step is to rinse mirror with steam distilled water in order to remove any particle left from tap water.
5. Pour remaining liquid back into bottle for future use.
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