Building and Evaluation of a 3D Printable Tesla Turbine

Building and Evaluation of a 3D Printable Tesla Turbine
I made this instructable to show how to build a tesla turbine with a 3d printer.
The Tesla turbine is an invention of Nicolas Tesla as an alternative to a bladed turbine. One of the main benefits of the Tesla turbine is that the turbine design is very simple. So simple in fact that the tesla turbine can be made with basic tools and knowledge. In this instructable I will evaluate if it is viable to make a tesla turbine using a 3D printer for rapid prototyping of your Turbine.
I will evaluate the possibilities compared to making a turbine by hand. The amount of time and precision you can achieve with your work.

Step 1: Step 1: the Design

Step 1: the Design
There are numerous free designs available on the internet to make a tesla turbine yourself. Most of these designs require making metal parts or adapting CDs and CD housings or harddrive disks. I got A design that is optimized for 3d printing.
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