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Monday, 27 June 2016

Infineon Magnetic Sensor 2GO Evaluation Kit Giveaway


Infineon is giving away 3 magnetic sensor 2Go evaluation kits from their 3D magnetic sensors product family. Infineon´s innovative new 3D magnetic sensor is designed to perform three-dimensional sensing on the lowest possible power consumption in a small 6-pin package. It is capable of measuring 3D, linear and rotational movement. Perfect for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications such as e-meters, joysticks, and control elements, as well as any other application that requires accurate 3D measurements in combination with low power consumption.
Infineon's magnetic sensor 2GO kits can support you with your next design, so take a look at the information below and don't forget to enter the contest!

About Infineon Sensor 2GO Kit 

Infineon´s sensor 2GO kits are new fully featured, budget-priced evaluation boards with features like:
  • Plug-and-measure evaluation board
  • First measurements possible within minutes
  • Mechanical adapter (joystick/rotation knob) available for quick evaluation
Build your own application and gadget with the sensor 2GO Kits.

Product Information

  • TLV493D-A1B6 (three-dimensional magnetic sensor)
  • XMC1100 (ARM® Cortex™-M0 based)
  • On-board J-Link Lite Debugger (Realized with XMC4200 Microcontroller)
  • Power over USB (Micro USB), ESD and reverse current protection
  • GUI  for free download 
  • v2.0 for 2GO Kits with PCB marking: 3D magnetic sensor 2Go-V2


  • Industrial and consumer applications
  • White goods control elements
  • Joysticks control elements
  • Multifunction knobs
  • Anti-tampering for e-meters
  • Any other application that requires accurate 3D measurements in combination with low power consumption
For additional information, check out the document library.
For more information please visit
Download the free software for the sensor 2GO kit.

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