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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Repair of induction motors

Induction motors are among the most common types of electric machines . Because of the simplicity of the device , high reliability, good performance and relatively low cost , represented by electric motors are used in all sectors of the economy : construction, industry, agriculture , transport , etc. However, as with any electrical machines, they tend to break and require periodic maintenance.

Repair induction motors produce highly professional and skilled craftsmen , given all the necessary requirements and respecting quality standards . To perform the repair of any motor model , you need to begin to determine the amount of repair work by evaluating the nature of his faults. The most common failures of electric motors are: overload or overheating of the stator circuit between turns , various types of damage to the bearings , windings, stator , etc.Current and capital repairs - are two main types of repair work with electric motors . Thanks to the current repair is possible to maintain the durability and reliability of the motor .Overhaul requires more complex types of work aimed at making technical characteristics are refurbished machines were not inferior to the latest models of cars.
Typically , the reason for the failure of this item is in violation of the overall condition of the windings , so it becomes necessary rewind induction motor. Failure causes the motor windings can be different: from overheating working parts to large engine life . Thus, the engine malfunction , causing an urgent need to repair induction motors , is always manifested in different ways. Before performing repairs to motors , our experts will make a detailed diagnosis of all the elements and reveal the fault. Determine the reasons for what it needs repair induction motors , will try to identify how much whether to rewind the induction motor and find other reasons for which the device could be damaged.Repair induction motors may be necessary when a decision of both mechanical and electrical problems . Before the repair work with induction motors (fast asynchronous motor) , the master of our company can significantly reduce the time required for the repair of electric motors , increasing the quality of the work.

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