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Thursday, 7 January 2016


In this Instructable I will let you know the basic building block of a Quadcopter and how to make it in a very simple way.Only thing you need is some skill on Soldering and few basic tools.I think it will give opportunity to the new hobbyists to sharpen their skills on this platform.
To demonstrate the process I choose Hubsan X4 -H107.Because its parts are very cheap, easily available,huge community resources in the internet.For a beginner I think it is one of the best Quadcopter to get started.

Note : If you already have a HUBSAN X4 then this guide will be helpful to repair it after a fatal crush.Just follow the steps in the reverse order.

What is a Quadcopter :

A Quadcopter is a type of helicopter with four ( Quad ) rotors, so it is known as Quadrotor. Because of its unique design, it allows a more stable platform, making it ideal for surveillance and aerial photography. A normal helicopter has one big motor to provide all the lifting power but a Quadrotor has four motors all work together to produce upward thrust and each motor lifts only one fourth of the total weight. The Quadcopter’s movement is controlled by varying the relative speed of each motor.

How it is Work :

A Quadcopter depends on the flight controller and Electronics Speed Controller (ECS) to distribute the correct speed to each of the 4 motors depending on what we want it to do.I found a great article on basics of Quadcopter on Learn Robotix blog. You can go through it to get more clear ideas.I am attaching the links below

Step 1: Parts and Tools Required :

Parts Required :
1. Flight Controller Module Rx ( H107-A43 )
2. Body Shell (H107-A21)
3.Motors (H107-A23)
4.Propellers (H107-A02)
5.Rubber Feet (H107-A29)
6.Blue LEDs (H107-A32)
7.Red LEDs ( H107C-A33)
8.Screw Sets ( H107-A07)
9. Protection Cover ( H107C-20 )
10. Battery ( H107-A24 )
11. Charger
12. Transmitter ( H107-16 ) -
13. Wrench ( H107 A11 )

Tools Required:
1.Soldering Iron
2.Wire Cutter
3.Wire Stripper
4.Screw Driver 
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