Get Free Robots and Parts by Becoming an LMR Reviewer

Call Reviewers
Call For Reviewers
Let’s Make Robots and RobotShop would like to invite you to participate in our “Call for reviewers” on Let´s Make Robots (LMR).
Reviews are great for both manufacturers and LMR members, so both can share expertise and parts. What do they gain?
  • Manufacturers: they gain a lot of visibility very fast in a wide, fast moving community of passionate robotic enthusiasts. (LMR has 1.7 Million visits per year and is growing with +2000 active members publishing their DiY robots, reviews and forum questions).
  • Reviewers: they gain robot parts or kits for free while having the privilege of testing and reviewing robotic products. They also gain expertise in the robotic elements being reviewed as well as visibility into the community and manufacturers.
How to become a reviewer?
You can be a reviewer if:
If you want to see examples of reviews and obtain more information, check here.
Right now we have these two reviews running:

Call for reviewers-Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit
Call for reviewers-Hexbug Programmable Robotics Spider Kit

Call for reviewers-Pulsed Light Distance Sensors
Call for reviewers-Pulsed Light Distance Sensors
There will be two call for reviewers every month, one for beginners and one for more advanced users passionate about robotics.

Not yet an LMR member? No worries, start publishing your projects on LMR and enjoy this unique community.
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