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Conveyor layouts:
Belt conveyors can be designed for practically any desired path of travel. It should be noted that transfer between conveyors should be avoided where possible due to additional wear on the belts at the loading points. Some of the profiles shown below:

Horizontal Conveyor

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Decline Conveyor

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01-types of belt conveyor-belt conveyor accessories-v belt conveyor-conveyor v belt pulleys-conveyor belt friction-conveyor rollers

Inclined Conveyor

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01-belt conveyor for mining-belt conveyor gantry- belt conveyor head pulley-belt conveyor length

01-inclined belt conveyor-belt conveyor types-belt conveyor width- belt conveyor wide-belt conveyor weigh scales

Overland Conveyor

01-belt conveyor lift-belt conveyor links-belt conveyor inspection-belt conveyor examples-belt conveyor construction
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